Low budget interior design ideas : 

 in simple words Interior designing is  combination of  art and science.this technique is used to beautify  and   enhance the living space i.e called home, where people can relax their life in peaceful manner.

 Best Interior designer understand peoples requirement. After lot of research analysis as a dream     home becomes reality.

Low budget interior design for home: We present low budget interior design idea. As per customer demand as well as their budget.Below are some tips for interior designing at low cost.

  • Take three dishes of ceramic. dip in to color of your choice let it dry.stick on wall looks beautiful

wall painting

  • Take glass bottle cut from middle . put bulb of different colour in the bottle. you can use decorative material also. This glass bottle cab be hang on kitchen as well as in living room as a lamp.

Wall hanging lamp

  • Now a days wallpaper trend is most demanding.collect some good wallpaper and fix on wall.

Home Wall Wallpapers

  • polishing of your wooden chair and furniture will create fabulous look.

Wood polishing

  • Use big round shape mirror decorate it with different type of lase.It will give beautiful look to your home.

Round Wall Hanging Decorative Mirror, Shape: Round

  • Decorate your balcony with artificial grass which is now easily available online store Amazon.

Balcony grass