Let’s look at some awesome tips for 2 BHK Flats A two-bedroom flat is usually ideal for small families or two single flatmates. As compared to 1-BHK or studio flats, a 2-BHK home plan will obviously offer more space and can be more comfortable. Here, I’ve taken examples of four 2-BHK houses with different layouts and design plans that exemplify how to make the most of space.The svelte designs1. Firm: The Svelte Designs
Size: 70 square metres (760 square feet); Low Budget Interior 2-BHK; 2 bathrooms
Interior design: Somalika Tiwari, founder and interior designer, The Svelte Designs
Photos by Anil Singh

Kitchen Tips For Interior Design

kitchen for 2 bhk interior design
In this Tips For Interior Design, the entrance foyer leads into an open-plan living and dining room combo. The low L-shaped sofa was specially designed to create the impression of more width in the room and to ensure that it doesn’t block the large window that overlooks the lush hills outside. All seaters are upholstered in white so their bulkiness is visually reduced. Individual sofa chairs and a stool kept here are flexible units that can be moved around the house.The svelte designsThe narrow space opposite the living room is used as the dining area. Behind the custom-made six-seater table a mirror creates a space-boosting illusion. Since it’s usually just the couple dining at home, the table is pushed closer to the wall to create more space to move around, leaving some chairs inaccessible, which doesn’t matter, as they are not needed most of the time. When there are guests, the table can be pulled out and the chairs used.The svelte designsA scattering of light tones balances the darker colours, making the space look airy and spacious. In this master bedroom, to bring down the stark effect of blue, the ceiling and wardrobes are painted white. The large painting above the bed and another next to it give the illusion of more height to the room.

Find out more about the design of this Mumbai homeShabnam Gupta2. Firm: The Orange Lane
Size: 116 square metres (1250 square feet); 2-BHK; 3 bathrooms
Interior designer: Shabnam Gupta of The Orange Lane and Peacock Life
Photos courtesy The Orange

Bedroom Interior Design For 2 BHK

Bedroom Interior design image
This 2-BHK bedroom interior design, a home office and a window seat – all created within one room. The entrance door to the living room is part of a wall of panelled wood inset with antique mirrors, designed in a grid. All the mirrors have a slight haze on them so one doesn’t see a sharp reflection, just a hint of it. These were chosen to create a feeling of a larger space, and to completely camouflage the entrance door.Shabnam GuptaWithin the living room is this space which was originally a balcony, later converted into a window seat. The area has a comfortable sofa where the home-owners can enjoy tea and conversation. Creepers surround the nook and grow over a jali on the ceiling, giving the feeling of sitting outdoors.Shabnam Gupta create a feeling of space, the master bedroom is drenched in soft, neutral hues. There is no bed here, just a thick mattress that makes the room seem taller. The shoe storage in white merges with the neutral wall, while the red flower painted on it brings colour to space which is best low budget interior design This room’s layout has been oriented to face the sea.

Peek into the home of Bollywood’s favourite designerZERO93. Firm: Zero9
Size: 84 square metres (900 square feet); 2-BHK; 2 bathrooms
Architectural designer:Zero9
Photos courtesy Sebastian Zachariah

The entrance opens onto an open layout that is a living dining room combo. A clean colour palette enhances the modern furniture and helps keep an uncluttered look. The sliding doors push back to merge the living room with a balcony carpeted in faux grass and dressed with statement planters – the access to this outdoor element gives the sitting area a sense of airy spaciousness.ZERO9The other side of the living room has a petite dining area with a custom-made industrial-style dining table for three. Tall doors leading to the bedrooms beyond are concealed in the wood panelling, to create a sense of expansiveness.ZERO9To make the master bedroom look like a seamless space, the furniture was integrated with the woody elements of the room, resulting in a clean, restfully simple look. White curtains are drawn for privacy but the fabric easily allows filtered light to flow in that best Tips For Interior Design

Want to know more about the design of this home?ravi vazirani design studio4. Firm: Ravi Vazirani Design Studio
Size: 84 square metres (900 square feet); 2-BHK; 2 bathrooms
Interior designer: Ravi Vazirani, founder, Ravi Vazirani Design Studio
Photos by Suleiman Merchant

This home opens to a living room that is enhanced with just a few pieces of carefully chosen furniture, ensuring that the place doesn’t look cramped. The large wood-and-metal TV unit is painted a soft green to match the floor, cutting down its visual bulkiness. The large windows allow ample light in, further allowing the space to look expansive. To save costs, no false ceiling was added and the mild steel (MS) pipes were left exposed – the accents of the creatively set out conduiting form a unique feature of the home.ravi interior design he living room flows into the dining space, which is a compact area. The walls are mostly kept plain (bar a few photographs) so that the room doesn’t look too cramped. A round dining table allows ample space to walk about in the dining area.